#19: “I Could Bring Him to His Family”

Jill is, and was, a productive, contributing member of society. She has a master’s degree, she’s worked for several companies, and as a teacher she’s seen her students flourish. In 2012, she had friends, a community, a great apartment, and a pretty solid social circle of support—and she also had a mental illness. Jill suffers from fairly serious depression at times, but had always managed it well enough. That year, however, the bottom fell out.

In a few short months, she lost just about everything she’d worked so hard for and just as she was getting back on her feet she found herself pregnant—but in no position to be a mother.

Jill tells us how she went from lonely, depressed, and somewhat bitter, to having experienced the greatest love she’d ever felt in her life—and how she brought a little boy to a family that couldn’t get him on their own.


*In the episode we said that the legal agreement between Jill and the adoptive family is for her to see him twice a year. The agreement actually says she can see him 4 times a year.