“Please Let It Be Multiples.”

by Shelley Sadler In July 2010, I had a miscarriage. To say it was hard is an understatement, as anyone who has gone through one can attest. At this particular moment, we were having some personal struggles in our family, so that made the loss of something so special even harder. My youngest child at […]

A Perfect Balance

by Bonnie Overly When I was in college, my sister-in-law and I took a yoga class together.  While all the ladies around me balanced gracefully with their legs around their ears, I spent most of the time on the floor laughing.  “Down dog” was about the only position I could execute without falling over sideways. […]

Muscle Memory

by Valerie Best About a year after my husband James graduated from NYU, and maybe a couple of years before I started grad school at Brooklyn College, we had a little indie improv team.  Our name was Albatross Applesauce, and we performed a total of three shows.  We rehearsed plenty.  We worked with coaches and […]

Bonus: Jodie’s Journal

Lots of us turn to writing when life gets tough. It’s a proven form of therapy and it let’s us understand and experience our emotions so that we can untangle them and—sometimes—make something beautiful with them. As Jodie was pregnant with Anna, and realizing that she was not going to be able to raise her, […]