Muscle Memory

by Valerie Best About a year after my husband James graduated from NYU, and maybe a couple of years before I started grad school at Brooklyn College, we had a little indie improv team.  Our name was Albatross Applesauce, and we performed a total of three shows.  We rehearsed plenty.  We worked with coaches and […]

#8: “I Don’t Want You To Bear Children” (part 1 of 2)

At 18, Misty was a college freshman enjoying the freedom of life away from home for the first time. Then she got sick, and her life changed dramatically. One result: she could no longer safely bear children. Instead she and her husband have adopted 3 children—and brought many others into their family as well.

Bonus: Jodie’s Journal

Lots of us turn to writing when life gets tough. It’s a proven form of therapy and it let’s us understand and experience our emotions so that we can untangle them and—sometimes—make something beautiful with them. As Jodie was pregnant with Anna, and realizing that she was not going to be able to raise her, […]